Officials seek repayment after late St. Louis County execs mansi -

Officials seek repayment after late St. Louis County execs mansion goes on market

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By Sarah Heath By Sarah Heath

 (KMOV) -- Seven-thousand square feet of luxury complete with tennis courts, pool, all the bells and whistles, but there’s a twist; the home was funded with money from taxpayers’ pocket.

Now, it’s up for sale after the county executive, who stole from taxpayers, took his own life.

“I think everything attached to this case is very, very frustrating,” said County Spokeswoman Pat Washington.

St. Louis County leaders were not happy to see the home go on the market. Now listed at a price-tag of nearly $1.7 million, the 21-room mansion boasts fireplaces, a library and a chef’s kitchen.

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Listings say the owner recently poured hundreds of thousands of dollars into it. Money, some say, that was never his to spend.

That owner is former St. Louis County Health Department executive Edward Mueth who committed suicide in his car in September, one day before he was to answer to accusations he’d created a scheme to steal from taxpayers.

“I think we are looking somewhere between $2-3 million,” Washington said.

Washington said the county is doing their own audit to see exactly how much was taken and they’ve asked the FBI to investigate as well.

Meantime, they know his home could be the key to getting the money back.  Mueth’s surviving family members are selling it, but the county thinks they should get the cut.

When asked if county officials plan to go after proceeds of the home sale, Washington said, “Absolutely, everything is on the table. There is nothing we won’t look at in terms of recovering taxpayer’s dollars.”

They plan to go to court to get the proceeds and are planning to file with their insurance too. No one has made any interest in purchasing the home on Grey Avenue. 

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