Man uses local county collector's banking information to forge c -

Man uses local county collector's banking information to forge checks

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By Carlos Otero By Carlos Otero

 (KMOV)—Criminals are reportedly being caught with counterfeit checks using unsuspecting people’s banking information and police say a local county’s collector fell victim to the scam.

A counterfeit check was cashed at a Eureka Walmart for a bank account belonging to the Washington County Collector.

Detective Dan Bequette said Ronnie White, 50, had the account and routing numbers for the collector.

“Several of these people didn't even know their accounts were compromised until you call and let them know,” said Detective Bequette.

Bequette said he had at least 20 cases this year. Someone takes a picture of a real check and the banking information is sold to another part who has the software to make counterfeit checks.

“I personally wouldn't write a check. If I could use my debit card safely, or my credit card, I would much rather do that then write a check,” said Bequette. “Credit card, at least as a consumer, you have a chance to get back to the credit card that you were defrauded many times these people are wiped out before they ever know.”

In this case, the suspect was arrested and admitted cashing the check.

Ronnie White was charged with felony forgery. 

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