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Local principal angers parents after taking cell phones from students

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By Carlos Otero By Carlos Otero

 (KMOV) – A dispute over cell phones may have some parents of students at a St. Louis public school upset.

The principal at the College Preparatory High School on Madison started cracking down on Monday and took phones away from students.

"We have a policy that is a strict no cell phone policy... no cameras or recording devices into the schools,” said St. Louis Public Schools spokesperson, Patrick Wallace.

Officials say the principal took a number of phones away from students and Wallace said the students ignored the warning.

"I do know that the principal warned the students prior to him strictly enforcing the policy that starting Monday of this week he would strictly enforce the policy... What that means is ‘if I see it I take it,’” said Wallace.

Some parents were unhappy after they call their kids’ cell phones for safety reason. News 4 asked how the district responded to those concerns.

Wallace said, “Well we are aware of the safety concerns and we value their input about safety concerns. But again it is policy, a district policy for a reason.”

He said every student should be aware of the policy and all other district policies.

When asked if the students have access to those policies, Wallace said, “Yes it’s one our website as well. Every student, at the beginning of the year, gets a copy of the student code of conduct handbook. Parents get it as well. It explains all the policies but the cell phone policy is clearly stated in the student code of conduct handbook.”

The policy said students cannot get their phones back until a parent meets with the principal. In this case, News 4 was told all of the phones have already been returned.

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