Residents of historic neighborhood upset over recovery center -

Residents of historic neighborhood upset over recovery center

( Residents in a historic north St. Louis neighborhood are upset with a recovery center that opened on their street.

Long-time residents of Lewis Place say they haven't felt safe since a group of recovering addicts moved onto their street in late August.

Some residents say they had no idea or warning the recovery center was opening. News 4 spoke with the president of the Lewis Place improvement association who says the recovery center, ran by the Assisted Recovery Centers of America, violates city zoning laws and a covenant that residents of the area share. The covenant prohibits boarding or rooming houses in the area.

According to the Lewis Place website, it's the oldest African-American private street in St. Louis having played an important part in the struggle for fair housing.

The president of the association says residents have been working with police for months to get rid of drugs and crime in their community. He also says that the city’s building inspector's office filed a complaint against the home several weeks ago at the request of residents. Those residents have contacted just about everyone possible to get the facility removed. 

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