Maplewood residents seek safety solution for increase in street -

Maplewood residents seek safety solution for increase in street traffic

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By Sarah Heath By Sarah Heath

 (KMOV) -- Residents of a Maplewood street planned to take their fight for safety straight to city hall.

They are voicing their concern after their quiet street became a popular cut through as a train started blocking a nearby street.

As News 4 crews were at the location, a train came through blocking Sutton Avenue.

"On this curve of Cherry Street and Pacific... When the crossing guard goes down for a train the traffic built up there tends to accelerate up this street,” said neighbors Karen Smith and Mary Killian. They live at the corner of Cherry and Sutton where drivers cut through.

"I felt like that television commercial where that woman sits in her car and the person drives by and takes off the car door,” said Killian

"We really noticed it when my neighbor’s granddaughter was here and they were out in the front yard and someone came shooting around at a totally unnecessary speed,” said Smith

Killian said someone hit her car, breaking the tail light. Both women say they want speed bumps to protect people on the small, quiet street.

Maplewood City Manager, Martin Corcoran said the city is taking the complaints seriously and checking the traffic volume.

Regulations require 500 cars a day before the city can put in speed bumps. A weeklong survey showed only 150 cars a day used Cherry Street.

Residents were upset, fearing vehicles will slam into nearby fences and are afraid to buy new cars after some had their tail lights clipped.

 News 4’s Sharon Reed asked City Manager, Corcoran if he believed these residents may be embellishing to get action.  He said, “I would tell you it's the old telephone game like when you and i were in school.. You pass it on and it gets embellished."

Corcoran said he has offered to have an unmarked police car sit on Cherry Street tracking speed with a representative of the complaining to sit with the officer to see exactly how fast drivers are going.

If there is a problem, he said the city then will take more action.

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