Metro-East man calls Colombo after contractor fails to pay him $ -

Metro-East man calls Colombo after contractor fails to pay him $7,000

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By Elizabeth Eisele By Elizabeth Eisele

( -- An Illinois man says a trucking company owes him $7,000 putting him in a financial bind and when the company would pay him, he called Colombo.

Shawn Lewis works as a courier and independent trucker. This summer he contracted with J. Henry Trucking in Collinsville, Illinois, to haul loads out of Custom Steel in St. Louis.

Lewis said Henry was set to handle the billing for the project over the summer and split the pay with him.

“The way it was supposed to work, was if I bring the work in, it was supposed to be an 80-20 split,” Lewis said, “I take 80 percent, he took 20 percent.”

But Lewis said he never received any pay.

Henry said he couldn’t pay Lewis, because Custom Steel didn’t pay him, but invoices and checks from Custom Steel say otherwise.

“They (Henry) just stonewalled us, wouldn’t answer the door, calls,” said Lewis, “They went into hiding.”

Henry told News 4 there is a problem with paying Lewis, but disputes owing him $7,000 and instead said he owes Lewis only $5,000.

Henry then said Lewis needs to fill out some more paperwork, return some of his signs and then he will receive his pay.

Lewis said he sure hopes he can get the money, because he needs that money for a special venture.

“We opened a sanctuary and work with wild Mustangs and Burrow,” Lewis said, “And a lot of this money went to help that. It would pay for feed, bills, vet bills.”

Henry and Lewis plan to meet next Friday to hand over his pay. 

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