Illinois man falls prey to con artist using his number to swindl -

Illinois man falls prey to con artist using his number to swindle tornado victims

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By Carlos Otero By Carlos Otero

 (KMOV) –Last weekend’s strong winds ripped the roof off a Fayetteville woman’s home and she nearly fell victim to a contractor scam to get it fixed.

Cindy Bohannon wasn’t fooled when a strange man with a foreign accent called her house saying he was a contractor and could repair her storm-damaged roof.

But Bohannon did get a shocker when she called the mysterious number back and the man who answered was just as confused as she was.

“He just knew somebody had his number somehow and he had Charter Communications trying to figure out what was going on,” said Bohannon.

News 4’s Julian Johnson tracked the mysterious number to a home in Okawville where Lance Carr lived. He was not a scam artist but was also a victim.

Okawville police believe the real scammer is using an app to mask their name and number with Carr’s.

“Never been in the roofing industry and I have no idea why they would use me,” said Carr.

Carr said he is receiving close to 30 calls from people claiming he called them.

The investigation is ongoing.

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