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Local woman banned from elementary school after standing up for grandson

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By Carlos Otero By Carlos Otero

 (KMOV) – Administrators at a north St. Louis school have banned a student’s grandmother from stepping foot on the campus or else risk arrest.

The incident began when the grandmother, Joyce Hall, said she was trying to stand up for her 6-year-old grandson against bullying.

Hall said her grandson, Brandon, was having a tough time at Nance Elementary so she complained in letters sent to the school, demanding action for him.

“They got two young boys that always fight and can’t keep their hands to themselves. And I have complained and complained,” said Hall.

She said when another bullying incident occurred, she confronted school administrators face-to-face. She then received a letter telling her she was banned from the premise.

“It said that I cannot go within 200 feet of Nance School,” said Hall. “Trespassing and they laid out the fines and the punishment.”

A district spokesperson told News 4 that “No Trespassing” orders are issued against people who pose a potential threat to students or staff at a school.

Hall said she was not a threat at all and she believes she is the one not being bullied.

“What do a parent do? If you’re saying your kid is being bullied and you got a no-bully tolerance at the school, but when you come in and you complaining, and they’re not listening and they’re not getting back to you,” Hall said.

St. Louis Public Schools said it is handling every bullying allegation made by Hall but for now, under city ordinance it’s a criminal offense for her to violate the order made by Nance.

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