Some Warren County property owners face double-digit tax rate in -

Some Warren County property owners face double-digit tax rate increases

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By Carlos Otero By Carlos Otero

 (KMOV) --   Property owners in Warren County were urged to double check their tax bills as they may see more than a double-digit increase.

News 4 learned the reason is a combination of several factors but for many residents, it won’t matter. They could see more than ten percent increase in their tax rates when they open to see their statements.

Linda Stude, Warren County Collector of Revenue said some residents will see a nearly 13 percent increase.

My first feeling was I needed to alert people as to maybe why that's happening...people get bill and think what is this all about,” said Stude.

Stude said a typical resident is covered by several taxing entities for things such as fire districts, ambulance districts, and school districts. Various entities have bumped up tax rates.

About one in five property owners will be getting a tax hike, ranging from four percent to nearly 13 percent.

"To the taxpayers it goes out to that's a lot of money. It’s an increase that I think they're going to feel,” said Stude.

The biggest tax hikes are in two parts of the county, the northwest corner of Warren County that’s actually covered by the neighboring county’s school district and the heavily populated southern part of Warren County that is covered by the Washington School district in neighboring Franklin County.

“You’re paying taxes to entities that cover both counties...such as the Montgomery county school district,” said Stude.

Nearly one in five property owners in Warren County are in this part of the county.

“An educated public is what needs to be aware of how all this comes together and how it affects their bottom line,” Stude said.

Taxes are due to be paid by the end of December. 

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