Brothers Chris, Kyle Long to square off for first time on Sunday -

Brothers Chris, Kyle Long to square off for first time on Sunday

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By John Bailey By John Bailey

(FootballStL) -- No, it’s not Peyton and Eli Manning. It’s probably not even Michael and Marcus Vick.  But Chris and Kyle Long are siblings in the NFL and they’re playing each other this Sunday inside the Edward Jones Dome.

That makes it a sibling rivalry, right?

Chris was a first round pick of the Rams (second overall) back in 2008 while Kyle was a first round pick of the Bears (20th overall) this past April. They’ve never faced each other on a field. Ever. But don’t expect any trash talk because of that.

“I know the type of person Chris is so I know what not to say to him and what not to do to him in between whistles,” Kyle said. “I’ve heard from his point of view what offensive lineman can do to your psyche and that kill switch comes on and nobody wants that to come on during the game.”

“It’s easy for me to separate before the whistle and after the whistles,” Chris said. “It’ll be a different week for me in that I get to see a lot of my family members but on game day it’s nothing different.”

The entire Long family will be in St. Louis this Sunday, including father Howie Long. The Rams defensive end has little doubt what emotions he’ll be experiencing inside the Dome.

“Anxiety,” Chris deadpanned. “Any time you have a son out there playing football you’re just worried about their health.  When you have two out there and maybe we come into contact with each other a couple times that’s going to be stressful.”

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