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Ex-board member sheds light on suspicious Ferguson-Florissant superintendent suspension

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By Carlos Otero By Carlos Otero

(KMOV)-- The Ferguson- Florissant School Superintendent was suspended but the school board claims he’s not accused of wrongdoing. Community outrage followed and more explanations come from the school board which created more questions.

The state department of education said based on a letter from the school board; it’s looking into “potential irregularities in mandatory reporting including district attendance.”

Although the specific reasons why the board suspended Dr. McCoy are still unknown but, some of his supporters wonder if it comes down to a bitter school board president, who was furious about feeling forced out of his district job, and the fact that at least two current board members allegedly lobbied against making McCoy the superintendent when he was on the short list two years ago.

“We started out with...remember, no wrongdoing. So, if there’s no wrongdoing, then work it out behind the scenes. The public didn’t need to be brought into this process,” said Charles Henson.

Charles Henson was on the Ferguson-Florissant school board, and voted to promote Art McCoy to district superintendent. He says it’s no secret that Dr. McCoy has little support on the current board.

Henson said right before McCoy was promoted, two of the current school board members asked him not to make McCoy the next superintendent, including current Board President Paul Morris.

“He felt comfortable enough to come to me and said Charles, I don’t want you to vote for Dr. McCoy as superintendent and I would prefer someone else.”

Three years ago, Morris, then a teacher at McCluer North High School in the Ferguson-Florissant District, resigned after admitting in a letter that he had used district property for personal use, used a district purchasing order for personal use, and ordered items without prior approval.

In his response, Morris emphasized that all of the violations were minor and were similar to what other employees had done. He claimed the principal unfairly targeted him with viciousness and hostility, and that Morris was being pushed out.

During a telephone interview today, Morris denied targeting McCoy because of his early retirement, or other issues he had with McCoy getting the job.

But, McCoy’s supporters have been loud and relentless, speaking up at meetings and openly challenging the board. Now, a former board member is challenging them, too.

I don’t think we’ve heard the real reason and we may not,” said Henson.

Former board member Charles Henson said he can’t remember a superintendent or assistant superintendent ever being suspended in the Ferguson-Florissant District.

Board president Morris told News 4’s Craig Cheatham, there could be a board meeting as early as Friday morning to announce the results of the state investigation into allegations that appear to be related to Dr. McCoy’s suspension.

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