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Police look into possibility of more 'knockout game' attacks in south St. Louis

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By Carlos Otero By Carlos Otero

(KMOV)-- A sudden attack out of nowhere and the attacker does not demand possessions with the goal to hurt in brutal fashion, also called the “knockout game.”

News 4 first reported on Tuesday about a Metro East woman who suffered a double fracture to her left eye socket after she was ambushed and knocked to the ground outside a bar last weekend.

USA Today posted an article about the growing problem of knockout attacks with St. Louis as one of the cities where there have been deaths caused by those unprovoked attacks.

 Mayor Slay turned down an invitation to appear on CNN's Anderson Cooper. The city seemed to have the problem under control, until this week.

These are the kinds of cowardly blindsided attacks, better known as the “knockout game,” where criminals try to knock down the victim with one sucker punch. Now that they're happening in New York Chicago and Washington and they’re getting national attention.

Two years ago, St. Louis had a rash of attacks, all in south St. Louis.  A 72-year-old man died after an attack at Chippewa and Spring Avenue.  A man on a bike was attacked near Tower Grove Park.

There was an attack at Osceola and Nebraska, at Grand and Utah and now this week’s attack at Arsenal and Brennon.

The owner of the Trophy Bar, Herb Krischke, said he hires off-duty officers and has surveillance cameras to keep customers safe.

 "Our patron safety is our utmost concern for us. We don't let people gather outside our establishment. We close out of respect for our neighbors and we don't let people hang around you have them move their party home,” said Krischke.

Krischke said the attack happened after closing and may have taken place down the street. The alderman for that ward told News 4’s Russell Kinsaul the attack doesn't fit the “mo” of most knockout attacks where the victim is ambushed when they're alone and vulnerable.

Knockout attacks had largely ended after police make arrests and prosecutors got convictions in 2011. The police department declined a request for an interview and it would not say whether or not they believe this is another knockout attack.

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