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Employees: Controversial ACA contractor overestimated workload

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By Brendan Marks By Brendan Marks

(KMOV.com) – Several employees of a company who received $1.2 billion in government money told News 4 they have learned why they are paid for doing no work.

Several employees of Serco, who received a $1.2 billion government contract to process Affordable Care Act applications, told News 4 the company’s Vice President recently visited the corporation’s Wentzville facility and revealed far fewer applications have been processed than what was expected.

In September 2013, a Serco executive told Congress the company expected to process 6.2 million paper applications. Serco opened facilities in Wentzville, Arkansas, and Kentucky, and hired thousands of workers to handle the expected workload

“He said approximately 300,000 but they expected millions,” one employee said.

Employees said many of those applications are incomplete and missing proper documentation so they can’t be processed. Workers have previously said they have been playing games to pass the time because there has been very little work to do.

Employees have also said  the company is trying to create the illusion of work by having employees look for incomplete applications, which then get shuffled between departments.

"We already know these applications are workable when we get done with them they aren't submitting them anywhere. After three weeks, those same applications come back around," an employee said.

Employees told News 4 applications are sitting in a cue. One minute it might say there are 90,000 applications and the next minute it may say there are only 11. Workers are not sure why the number fluctuates.

"There's a lot of talented people out there but they are being wasted in what they do," an employee said.

Despite the lack of work, multiple employees told News 4 Serco is hiring more workers.

So far, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid (CMS) have not revealed how many applications have been processed. CMS said there were problems with more than two million applications and that Serco is working around the clock to solve problems plaguing online and paper applications.

Several employees told News 4 the VP who visited the Wentzville facility said whistleblowers who came forward would not be fired for telling the truth.

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