Doritos giving away thousands of gold-plated chips -

Doritos giving away thousands of gold-plated chips

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By Brendan Marks By Brendan Marks

Frito-Lay, channeling Willy Wonka perhaps, has decided to give away a special golden Dorito chip in more than 3,000 bags of its Jacked Bold Mystery Flavor.

Winners will find a special ticket inside a bag of chips with a phone number to call and claim the prize.

One gold-plated Dorito is valued at $31.05, the company said. Winners will also get the chance to get one of two 24-karat solid gold Doritos chips, each valued at $1,263 based on the price of gold last December.

To enter, look for specially marked bags of mystery flavor Doritos. E! Online tested three of the flavors and came up with such descriptions as "chili cheese," "rubber tire," "spicy smokey chili" and "I never want to taste it again." Is it worth the risk for the 1-in-140 odds of winning a gold-plated chip.

The contest ends Aug. 1.

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