New plant opening in Montgomery Co. town -

New plant opening in Montgomery Co. town

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By Daniel Greenwald By Daniel Greenwald

( – A multi-million dollar state of the art facility is expected to create hundreds of jobs in a local small town.

Jonesberg, Mo., a town that borders the Warren and Montgomery county line, landed a major investment with CertainTeed, a Pennsylvania-based company that specializes in roofing products. A spokesperson for the company said it has a presence on the coasts, but wanted to branch out to the Midwest. Both Missouri and Illinois showed interest in landing the expansion.

A warehouse that covers over two acres is already up and running. A factory that produces roofing shingles is expected to be added within a year and a half. Additionally, a rail line leading up to the warehouse is expected to be finished.

The investment is on the books for a $110 million facility, according to logistics manager John McGowan.

“The warehouse behind me is just a small portion of it. The rest of the facility is being built right now,” McGowan said. The major development serves as a precursor for new jobs.

“The facility itself will be able to employ 100 to 125 total personnel [which] is what we’re going for,” added McGowan. Surrounding areas may also benefit by possibly creating 400 new jobs to support the plant.

“The ripple effect is more than just here. It’s in a 50-mile area generally around here,” said Bob Sellenriek, a construction company owner.

Sellenriek calls it a win-win for the town and the company. Jonesburg has a population just over 700. Businesses in town are hoping to land some of the business from the plant. The town expects other businesses to spring up as well.

With easy access to I-70, a nearby rail line, and a Midwest location, CertainTeed could cover a 500 mile radius.

Thus far, 15 percent of the facility is complete, and the remainder is said to be finished by the first quarter of 2016.

The state of Missouri gave a Strategic Economic Incentive Package to the company, but CertainTeed must meet certain requirements for job creation and investments.

"The value is what we're going to start building houses again here, not just here but surrounding areas," said Sellenriek. "It's a windfall for us." 

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