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Hillsboro school district accused of nepotism after hiring administrator's wife

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(KMOV.com) – The superintendent of the Hillsboro School District is being criticized after his wife was hired by the district.

Leigh Ann Cornman was hired by the district as an instructional coach for teachers. Her husband, Dr. Aaron Cornman is the district’s superintendent. School board member Dan McCarthy criticized the move and was the only board member to vote against the hire.

“Basically it's a conflict of interest and also a degree of nepotism," McCarthy said.

Aaron Cornman claims he played no role in the hiring of Leigh Ann Cornman. In 2013, the district discovered its policy about hiring relatives of the superintendent and board members conflicted with state policy. The district’s rule said such relatives could not be hired, but the Missouri Board of Education said it such moves were allowed as long as the applicant’s relative was not a part of the hiring process.

"The only entity that has the power to change a policy is the board of education,” Dr. Cornman said.

Dr. Cornman said the district’s board of education was responsible for hiring his wife.

"You can't claim to be an equal opportunity employer if you discriminate based on someone's last name and of course we know that's a violation of federal law," Dr. Cornman said.

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