Crawford County town reducing size of police force -

Crawford County town reducing size of police force

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By Daniel Greenwald By Daniel Greenwald

( – The town of Bourbon recently slashed the size of its police department by half.

Bourbon’s police department was made up of nine officers, now only it has four officers.  The city said it had to make the cuts after a state audit determined it made too much revenue off speeding tickets. After the audit was released, officers were no longer allowed to write tickets on Interstate 44, which had been a significant form of revenue.

"The way we got it right now, it's to a bare bone. If everything works right we got 24 hours a day, 7 day a week coverage," said Alderman Stanley Bell.

The latest officer to be laid off was involved in a pursuit that ended in an officer involved shooting that determined to be justified. Bourbon has asked nearby towns Sullivan and Cuba, along with Crawford County to provide police services. Sullivan has been the only town to answer and has told Bourbon it will not provide officers.

"Since we're not contiguous it would cause a response time delay, it would also cause a strain on our police force plus it's not what we're set up for," said City Administrator J.T. Hardy.

Several residents told News 4 they do not feel as safe, while others said it would not adversely affect public safety.

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