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Feldman: Could Matt Adams get Wally Pippd?

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By Carlos Otero By Carlos Otero

(Baseball STL) -- No one ever likes to rush to judgment on anything.  And especially in sports, we tend to overreact to what’s right in front of us.  If someone goes 0-4, they’re terrible.  But if they go 4-4, they’re in the Hall of Fame.

That’s why getting amped up over Oscar Taveras’ huge home run in his debut on Saturday is a little crazy.  We have no idea what’s going to happen over the next several days and weeks with him.  He could easily be the real thing.  He could easily need a little more time to play every day in the minors.

But, it’s reasonable to ask: What if?  What if Taveras really is as good as advertised and comes in here during Matt Adams’ absence and tears the cover off the ball and sparks this anemic offense?  What if he’s so good that when Adams comes back healthy in a couple weeks Mike Matheny can’t possible take at-bats away from Oscar?

It’s possible, however unlikely, that Matt Adams may have just been Wally Pipp’d.  You know the story with Wally Pipp don’t you?  He’s the one who got hurt for the Yankees back in 1925 which opened up a spot for Lou Gehrig.  Pipp never earned that spot back.

I’m not saying Adams will never play 1st base for the Cardinals again.  But Oscar Taveras might be too valuable to replace in the lineup and Allen Craig is getting awfully hot at the plate as well.  Plus, Craig’s contract (i.e. the commitment) says he’s a core player.

We always knew something was going to have to happen in order for Taveras to receive everyday playing time.  There are just too many good players in the organization to accommodate all of the at-bats they’d need.  Adams always seemed like the most logical piece to move since he’s cost controlled for several more years to come and he doesn’t have as much upside as either Taveras or Craig.

Something was going to have to happen eventually.  You just wondered how it would go down.

I’m wondering whether it all started because of a strained calf in May of 2014…

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