Questions raised on hire at Arnold Police Department -

Questions raised on hire at Arnold Police Department

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By KMOV Web Producer By KMOV Web Producer

( – The Arnold Police Chief is under fire after his son-in-law was hired as an officer.

Under the Missouri Constitution, government officials are not allowed to hire close relatives. The son-in-law of Arnold Police Chief Robert Shockey was hired by the Arnold Police Department, but officials told News 4 Shockey does not make hiring decisions.

“It's very logical to assume that a police chief would hire police officers. We completely understand that, but that's not the way our system's set up," said Arnold City Administrator Bryan Richison.

The city said new officers are hired based on how they score on a test given by the police board. Officials also said all new hires are made by the mayor. Shockey told News 4 he does not have the authority to hire new officers. When he learned his son-in-law was applying to be an officer, he said he went out of his way to make sure he was treated like any other applicant.

"In the case of the chief's son-in-law, the chief was very careful to not be involved in that process, had no part in it, no decision making authority," Richison said.

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