Creve Coeur votes to disband city's red-light camera program -

Creve Coeur votes to disband city's red-light camera program

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By Brendan Marks By Brendan Marks

(KMOV) – The Creve Coeur City Council on Tuesday voted to disband the city’s red-light camera program.

A source of controversy since its inception in 2007, city officials say the council elected to repeal the red-light camera ordinance to focus on other issues.

The vote came about three months after the Missouri Supreme Court ruled it would not hear red-light camera cases in Creve Coeur, whose laws had been challenged in lower courts.

In October, a state appeals court in St. Louis upheld the use of red-light cameras Creve Couer.

In the opinion, the Missouri Court of Appeals’ Eastern District sided with a previous St. Louis County Circuit Court ruling in favor of Creve Couer and its camera vendor, American Traffic Solutions Inc. The suit was brought by four people who received tickets for running red lights.

Then in December, Creve Coeur put the brakes on red-light cameras after voting unanimously to table a bill that would have added new language to clarify the city’s law.

The appeals court had previously upheld red-light camera use in Creve Couer brought by another ticket recipient, ruling in 2011 that the city’s traffic-camera ordinance enacting civil penalties was similar to a parking ticket rather than a criminal violation.

The cameras have been a source of controversy for several other municipalities in the St. Louis area, including St. Louis, Ellisville and St. Peters, among others.

According to the Missouri Municipal League, more than 30 cities in the state have ordinances tied to red-light cameras.

Creve Coeur officials told News 4 the camera may return at some point.

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