Jefferson County deputies performing mid-week sobriety checkpoin -

Jefferson County deputies performing mid-week sobriety checkpoint

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( --The Jefferson County Sheriff’s Department will do a mid-week sobriety checkpoint on Wednesday, about seven months after the county rejected state money to hold such an initiative.

Jefferson County Sheriff Glen Boyer said the mid-week checkpoints are just as effective as ones done on holiday weekends, and cost about half as much.

Deputies told News 4 the location of the checkpoint is based on state statistics that predict where the most serious accidents happen. But authorities say they can switch locations half way through the night if word gets out.

Another checkpoint is filed for Friday evening.

In October, The Jefferson County Council turned down $22,000 in grant money from the state for officers to operate DUI and safety checkpoints. The county changed its mind two months later, accepting money to operate the checkpoints during the holiday season.


According to statistics, Jefferson County has the fourth highest number of accidents that lead to death or disabling injuries.

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