More Pleasant Weather On The Way -

More Pleasant Weather On The Way


Good news. After a damp, dark and dreary weekend we’re finally starting to see some improvement. The last of the rain will be long gone by daybreak on Monday. However…so will the clouds. That means two things for us. First the good news-the sun returns! But the not so good news is that losing those clouds means the temperatures will be able to fall even more overnight. We’ll be flirting with record lows both Monday and Tuesday mornings. Monday morning’s record is 39 degrees (I’m forecasting 41) and Tuesday morning’s record is 40 degrees (I’m forecasting 41). 
We will enter a bit of a stagnant pattern early this week. Basically there will be 2 areas of low pressure, one on each side of the country and neither one going anywhere fast. That’s great news for us though because we’ll be right in the middle and should stay sunny and dry all week as a result. Temperatures will slowly moderate as the week continues and we’ll return to more seasonable levels by Friday. 
Let’s look ahead to next weekend.   This far out changes to the forecast and timing are more likely than not. But as of now it looks like we’ll have a warm front moving through the area on Saturday followed by a cold front on Sunday. If it plays out that way, then count on the possibility of showers and thunderstorms both days. 

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