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A Wild Weekend in Store in Cincy?

The Cardinals have yet to sweep a series this season, but when the team is in first place things like that do not matter.  Tony La Russa is all about winning series, and this year’s team understands his message. The Redbirds haven’t lost a series since the second week of April (Cards vs. Giants). With that said, this weekend’s series in Cincinnati would be the perfect time for a sweep.

I understand every division game is important including Friday night’s matchup between Kyle Lohse and Bronson Arroyo, but every Cardinal fan cannot wait until Saturday’s game with Kyle McClellan going up against the Karate Kid himself, Johnny Cueto.  When Cueto kicked former Cardinals catcher Jason LaRue in the head during “the brawl” last summer not one Cardinal player forgot that, and this weekend that memory should be at the front of their minds. 
When benches clear in professional sports you expect punches to be thrown, people maybe putting others in headlocks (Nolan Ryan-Robin Ventura) but never, ever, would you expect someone to start kicking another player; that’s bush-league, and this weekend the Cardinals must retaliate. 
It will be interesting to see how the Birds handle this situation Saturday, because I’m assuming the umpire will issue a warning before the game starts, making it impossible for Kyle McClellan to throw at Cueto during his first at bat. But one way or another, the Cardinals must get the message across that what happened last summer with Johnny Cueto ending Jason LaRue’s career with a kick to the head is unacceptable. St. Louis is a classy organization so it won’t surprise me though if nothing is done. Keep in mind, La Russa, who won’t be there, never wants to give the opposition an advantage even if it means putting just one runner on base. 

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