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Lets be Honest about Ryan Franklin

I’ve given Ryan Franklin the benefit of the doubt for a while now. I thought he was just going through a slump and he’d put together a couple of solid outings and get back to the pitcher he’s been in the past. However last night showed me that Ryan Franklin’s days of getting batters out consistently are behind him. 

I understand he hadn’t pitched in a game since May 1st, and he might be a bit rusty Wednesday night, but come on, the reality is Franklin can only be used in mop-up duty and that’s it. Colby Rasmus said on Facebook earlier today, “Come on guys lay off Franky, you guys seem to have forgotten how great he was for us and are just focused on how bad he’s doing now. He'll come around.”
I agree with Rasmus about Franklin’s past success, he used to be extremely successful. In 2009, he saved 38 games, and last year 27. But I don’t understand how any of his teammates still have faith in him? Franklin looked good early on last night, but his final line read, seven hits, four runs, in three innings of work; his ERA is now 9.49 and his opponents are batting .375 against him. I’ve said this plenty of times, the National League Central’s winner this year will be decided by a couple of games so putting Franklin in pressure-packed “game on the line situations,” cannot happen anymore, and I don’t expect it will.
I don’t know Franklin personally but from what I’ve heard he is a great guy and a great teammate.  However, professional sports is a bottom line business where it’s all about performance. No one feels worse than Franklin, no one is trying harder to change this situation more than Franklin, and honestly, I hope I’m wrong, maybe he will get his “good stuff” back and turns things around, but I’ll be surprised if that does happen.  

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