Your Stories: Getting results for Caseyville neighborhood -

Your Stories: Getting results for Caseyville neighborhood

(KMOV)-- Sump pump problems on Nicole Street in the Village of Caseyville, Illinois. 

The water flows not directly into a storm drain, but into the street.  It's been like this for more than a year and Jon Vieluf felt the village wasn't being responsive so he contacted News 4.

"I got a two and a one-year old adn we can't really let 'em out in the front yard unless they're strapped into the wagon to go for a ride because they want to go right to the water," says Vieluf.

And there were quite a few mosquitos around that water trickling down below the curb on Thursday morning.  The concrete is shifting and cracking and the danger is increasing. 

"Every morning I elave for work and I try to stay clear of this area because God forbid my truck falls in here," says Vieluf.

I went to Caseyville City Hall to talk to the Public Works Superintendent.  Brian Rader has only been on the job five months.  He felt more comfortable with me talking to G. W. Scott who just retired from the position and working for the village the past 41 years.  He is very familiar with the problems on Nicole Street.

He says the village sent letters to the homeowners more than a year ago asking permission to do some work on their property to fix the problem, but then nothing happened.

"Due to the budget crunch we just didn't get it done," Scott told me.  "So now things are starting to level out a little bit. Talking to the mayor and the trustees and we're going to get this taken care of on a priority, get these people hooked up and get the water out of that street."

He says work could begin by the end of the month.  Of course, Scott doesn't work for the city anymore but Rader didn't disagree with anything he said, so we'll see.

The sump pump drainage fix and permanent repairs should cost about $10,000.

Mark Schnyder is a reporter at KMOV-TV.  He can be reached at

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