Rolla campus gunman in custody, charged with assault on law enfo -

Rolla campus gunman in custody, charged with assault on law enforcement

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( -- The man accused of trying to get onto a military base, firing shots at police and then carrying a weapon onto the Missouri University of Science and Technology campus was arrested Thursday afternoon and charged with four counts of assault on law enforcement.

Cody Willcoxson, 31, has been accused in a crime spree that began around 8:30 Thursday morning when he allegedly tried to get onto Fort Leonard Wood. Officials say he was driving a silver Dodge Magnum at the time and wasn't allowed onto the base because he didn't have proper identification.

The Department of the Army Civilian Policeman pulled Willcoxson over for further inspection. He was then ordered to leave Fort Leonard Wood, but instead continued driving through the west gate toward the main gate. Military police followed him and he exited Fort Leonard Wood. Officials say he was on the military property for less than five minutes.

Military police contacted St. Robert police and they took over the pursuit and followed Willcoxson onto Interstate 44. St. Robert Chief Curtis Curenton says the suspect fired at least a dozen rounds at police from an AK-47. Chief Curenton says his vehicle was hit twice. No one was injured.

Later Thursday morning, police say Wilcoxson fired shots near the Missouri University of Science and Technology campus, and was then seen carrying a gun on campus.

According to a spokesperson for the university, an alert was sent out around 8:45 a.m. on Thursday, warning that the suspect was spotted entering McNutt Hall. At 9:10 a.m., university officials reported that the suspect had left the campus.

No shots were fired on campus and no injuries were reported. Graduation at Missouri University of Science and Technology was last weekend, so school was not in session Thursday while gunman was on campus.  There were no classes going on at McNutt Hall.

Authorities found the Dodge Magnum Willcoxson was seen driving near the campus. Police say they found blood inside the vehicle. Video from SkyZoom 4 shows what appears to be at least one weapon on the ground outside the car. Authorities confirm that they recovered a gun near McNutt Hall. They believe Willcoxson ditched his vehicle and took off in a Ford Taurus.

Willcoxson is a convicted felon and was released from jail in 2008 for good behavior after serving three years out of a seven-year sentence for 2nd Degree Burglary, Escape from a County Jail and Assisting Escape of a Prisoner. He was released early because he earned 22 days of good behavior credit for every 30 days of his sentence. He also got credit for the time he served in jail between jail breaks.

He escaped from jail three times and was convicted for two home break-ins in Oklahoma.

Willcoxson’s escape from jail was a violent one that involved eight other inmates. Some beat up a jailer, stole a rifle and broke out of the Delaware County jail in 2000. He previously broke out of the same jail in 1998 and 1999.

He is currently being held in Phelps County on a $1 million bond.

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