Can you spare a spare? Some cars no longer come with spare tires -

Can you spare a spare? Some cars no longer come with spare tires, standard

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Some car manufacturers are offering spare tire packages as an option. Some, are doing away with them all together.

When a News 4 viewer named Steve tried to change his own tire on his 2011 Elantra, he discovered there was no spare tire, no jack in the truck. Instead, there was a repair kit and electronic pump.

Steve called Hyundai, "They said they did this to save the weight so they could up the mileage rating of the car; get you better mileage."

Steve's car came with roadside assistance for six years. However, Steve said he'd prefer to simply change a tire and be on his way - rather than wait for someone to come help.

"They gave me the statistic that 70 percent of donut tires never get used. That might be, but when I'm in that 30 percent range, I want to have that donut or a spare tire," said Steve.

We requested more information from Hyundai, but the corporate office responded with an e-mail, saying that they could not respond to the request.

Sports cars often come without spares. There's no room for a spare tire in a Corvette. But, many sports cars (and BMW's) come with "run-flat" tires that are designed to allow the driver to travel a limited distance, even when the tire is deflated. Those tires are typically much more expensive to replace.

Other car makers put out vehicles without spares for aesthetic reasons. A local Toyota dealer told News 4 the Rav4 Sport edition is sold without the extra tire attached to the back of the vehicle, as part of a sleeker design concept.

Two Chevy models offer spare tires, as an option. A spare tire package on a Chevy Cruze runs $100. On a Camero, it's $150, according to a local dealership.

"You've got weight, storage space, and cost involved," explained Ron Thompson, new car sales manager for Don Brown Chevrolet.

He added that many customers prefer to rely on On-Star for help with a spare tire.

As for Steve, he says a spare tire is not offered as an option for the Elantra. He adds that he's happy with the car and likes his local dealership. He wants the top decision makers at Hyundai to consider sparing the spare tire.

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