Doctor's insight on La Russa's shingles: long, painful recovery -

Doctor's insight on La Russa's shingles: long, painful recovery

( -- Tony La Russa calls his shingles "miserable."  It sure sounds miserable.  La Russa will miss the rest of the Cardinals' road trip and his status after that is undetermined.  Dr. Sophia Chung, an ophthalmologist with SLU Care, joined me on Awake Wednesday morning with insight into what the Cardinals' manager is dealing with.  "I suspect he is quite uncomfortable," she said.

Shingles comes from the same virus that produces chicken pox.  Tony's shingles are covering the upper right side of his face including his right eye.  Dr. Chung says recovery time can be a few weeks to a few months depending on how much it involves the eye.  We know La Russa has been dealing with this for about a month before he was diagnosed on Monday.  And his right eye is being affected.

"The pain is actually one of the worst complications from this form of shingles," Dr. Chung said.  She says La Russa can manage the team while he recovers, but only as long as he's comfortable and not light sensitive.

La Russa no longer poses a contagious risk to the team.  Dr. Chung says shingles are contagious only in the first few days of the rash.  And it's only contagious to people who didn't have chicken pox as a child.  La Russa is now receiving treatment.

Bench coach Tony Pettini is running the team while La Russa is away.  The Cardinals play at 7:05 Wednesday night in Chicago.  They've got a 1:20 PM game Thursday verses the Cubs before heading to Cincinnati for a 3 game weekend series.  The Cardinals return home Monday to face Philadelphia.

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