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What goes up, must come down: Innocent women struck by stray bullets

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By KMOV Web Producer By KMOV Web Producer


(KMOV) -- Two women were struck by stray bullets within hours of each other in two different areas of the St. Louis Metro.

One was at work at a greenhouse in St. Louis County. The other celebrating Mother's Day at a neighborhood playground near downtown.

I talked to a ballistics expert who says a pistol can shoot a bullet more than a mile, and when it does come down anyone can become a target.

"We're just really mad and aggravated at what happened," Dave Thies, owner of Thies Farm & Greenhouses in North St. Louis County, says.

A long-time Thies greenhouse manager wound up in the hospital for an injury she thought she would never suffer on a family farm.

"The bullet was actually visible just under her skin," Thies says. "The way it angled and came down, it definitely came from up -- up above."

The owner says mere inches likely made the difference between an odd day and a deadly day.

"It's just disgusting, you know, we're in this neighborhood, and we've been here for 130 years and it's just aggravating," Thies says.

Moms celebrating at a playground at the corner of Cole and Selby share his sentiments. Their eighth annual Mother's Day picnic was interrupted by gunfire just Sunday night.

"We left, and about an hour later my momma called me and said she was shot down here," Deanshay Wrae says.

Her mother was another innocent victim hit by a wayward round.

"It was a lot of kids and adults out here, and it's sad that you can't bring your kids out here to play on just a normal, hot day like now -- the park is empty," Wrae says. "You should be able to have kids out here, but you never know when they're coming through, so the best thing to do is to stay away."

"It's just sad. You can't enjoy yourself on Mother's Day, and people are just out here shooting for no reason." Zerieta Coleman says.

Police say what goes up, must come down. Those bullets land somewhere -- often nowhere near intended targets.

"You just hope that maybe people learn that there's always a consequence when you do something," Thies says. "And this is what it was."

No one is in custody for either crime. Call police with tips. You can remain anonymous.

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