Victim left to pay after problems with rental car agency's insur -

Victim left to pay after problems with rental car agency's insurance

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By KMOV Web Producer By KMOV Web Producer

A St. Louis woman is out her deductible after getting hit by a car from a rental agency that her insurance company says was not insured.


In February, Shunta Johnson was side swiped by a man named Willie Boone. He said he did not have insurance to pay for her damaged Lexus, but he had signed up for the collision damage waiver through Aboard Rent A Car, so he thought he was covered.  Johnson forwarded the information on to her insurance company, Geico. But a few weeks later she received notification from Geico that she would have to pay the full deductible because the responsible party, Aboard Rent A Car, was not insured and not cooperating. Geico sent another letter saying they were going after Aboard Rent A Car through a collection agency.


News 4 tried to get some answers by heading over to Aboard Rent A Car. But when Investigator Chris Nagus showed up, his photographer was blocked from entering the business and Chris was yelled at before being asked to leave. Chris tried to call and talk to the owner but was told he had to speak to an attorney. News 4’s calls to that lawyer were never returned.


So as of now, Shunta Johnson is still out the $500 deductible as Geico works to get her money back.

According to the Missouri Department of Insurance, just like your car, by law, rental cars need to be insured. 

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