Four teens shot outside Wellston community center -

Four teens shot outside Wellston community center

( --Police are looking for a suspect who opened fire on a crowd of teenagers, leaving a party in Wellston on Saturday night.

The shooting happened around 10 p.m., outside the Charles Brown Community Center.

According to St. Louis County property records, the center is owned by the City of Wellston and shares a building with city hall and the police department.

Wellston Police did not comment on the shooting over the weekend. St. Louis County Police are assisting in the investigation and say that all four teens are expected to recover from their injuries.

The victims were outside the community center, leaving a private event. Police say an altercation escalated and shots were fired into the crowd of 50 to 100 young people.

There have been no arrests, yet.

A neighbor, living near the community center, said she's heard fights break out near the center before.

It's not clear if the city requires security for private events, held at the city-owned recreation center. News 4 was not able to reach city officials on Sunday afternoon.

This is not the first shooting near the city hall.

Last June, someone fired shots into the city hall building. Bullet holes can still be seen in a front window and along a metal door frame at the city hall entrance. No one was hurt. At the time, police in Wellston said the shooting may have been a form of retaliation following an increase in police activity.

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