Lawmakers ponder immunity in overdose cases -

Lawmakers ponder immunity in overdose cases


SPRINGFIELD, Ill. (AP) -- Kathie Kane-Willis faced a life-and-death dilemma: Her boyfriend was going into cardiac arrest from a drug overdose. Would she be arrested if she called for help?

If a law had been in place offering legal immunity to drug users who overdose and the person who calls for medical assistance, Kane-Willis would have had an easier decision.

Along with the parents of overdose victims, she now is one of the principal advocates of a bill moving through the Illinois General Assembly that would offer that immunity.

Opponents fear the legislation would let drug abusers and dealers off the hook, but Kane-Willis and other supporters say it's simply meant to save lives.

Kane-Willis said she ultimately made the call for help, but she didn't count on the decision being so difficult.

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