Can Pujols heat up? Yes, but when will he? -

Can Pujols heat up? Yes, but when will he?

(KMOV)-- Albert Pujols took a risk by not signing the contract the Cardinals offered him before the 2011 season began. We don’t know how much the offer was, but I said at the time, he better hope his numbers don’t drastically tumble, and or get seriously hurt because that amount offered may not be there at the end of the season.

I don’t think Pujols will continue to struggle for the entire year.  Keep in mind, his seven homeruns are fourth best in the National League, but Albert needs to start hitting more consistently. Tuesday, Pujols went 0-5, grounded into his league-leading 10th double play, and now his average sits at .231. Pujols is one for his last 18 and hasn’t homered in nine games.
When will “5” start to hit like everyone knows he can? I don’t know, but I do know this, until Pujols can get back on track, the Cardinals need nights like they had last night, and I don’t mean leaving nine runners on base, but guys like Matt Holliday must continue to pick up the slack and having unexpected power surge performances like Daniel Descalso’s three-run-homer,  wouldn’t hurt  either.  

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