Prosecution rests case in Coleman triple murder trial -

Prosecution rests case in Coleman triple murder trial

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By KMOV Web Producer By KMOV Web Producer
By Lakisha Jackson By Lakisha Jackson

(KMOV)-- The triple murder case against Chris Coleman started off on Tuesday with the Custodian of Records for Google.


Denise Smith is the Google official who confirmed for jurors that the company delivered emails and IP addresses connected to the account. Google provided the information after 2 subpoenas and a search warrant.
Marcus Rogers, a Purdue University Professor and Computer Forensics expert, basically testified that there was no doubt the emails and the gmail account all linked directly back to Chris Coleman's laptop computer. He detailed the three consecutive days, November 14, 15, 16th, 2008, when someone signed on to that computer, created the gmail account, and then sent 7 threatening emails.
Prosecutor Chris Reitz asked: "Did someone sit down at this computer, turn it on, log on, and create these emails?"
Rogers: "Yes, that's exactly what happened in my opinion."
Reitz: "Is it possible for someone remotely to turn it on?"
Rogers: "No, it would require someone to physically turn it on."
The defense pointed out that 6 people had log-on id's for that computer. Rogers testified that only "CColeman" was logged on during those instances.
Dr. Robert Leonard was next, a Hoftsra University Dept. Chair in Linguistics. Also, as the defense pointed out, he was a founding member of Sha-Na-Na when he was a Columbia University student, and performed at Woodstock. News 4's Marc Cox assumed they were trying to undercut his credibility. He didn't think it worked. The guy is now a linguistics instructor at the FBI BAU (Behavioral Analysis Unit) in Quantico. He reviewed the spray painted messages in the house, the threatening letter and emails, and compared them to 226 other emails written by Coleman.
Leonard pointed out that all of the threatening emails and letters began with the word F***. According to Leonard and studies by the FBI BAU, in threat letters this is extremely rare, less than 1%. It also appears in the spray painting. He said the "expression of threat" is the same, with is "conditional". For example, he threatens to kill Chris's family only "if" Joyce doesn't stop preaching bullsh**.  He told jurors that it was unusual that all insults were limited to f*** and b****. Found contraction patterns, fused spellings, apostrophe reversal (dont'), and a variation of using you/u in sentences, throughout other writings by Coleman.
But Leonard never definitively said that Chris Coleman wrote the threatening letters or emails. Apparently the Judge prevented him from drawing that conclusion. He was only allowed to point out similarities.
Tuesday's testimony was centered on what type of spray paint was used. ISP forensic scientist testified the type and brand of paint used inside the home was a Rustoleum apple red gloss paint.
Two employees of Rustoleum testified this to be correct. This is from Rustoleum's "painter's touch" line.
Last witness for the prosecution was a detective from the Columbia Police Department that produced a receipt that the paint was purchased from the True Value hardware store on Telegraph on Feb. 9th, 2009. This was three months before the murders occurred.
Cross examination by Coleman's attorney claim there was never a spray paint can found.

The prosecution rested its case Tuesday afternoon.

Coleman defense team starts Wednesday. It could go to jury as soon as Wednesday evening.

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