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Welfare Cash for Time Shares?


How do you feel about welfare cards being used to pay for time shares in Las Vegas? A downtown Las Vegas concierge told News 4 plenty of people try. The employee who works at Fitzgeralds casino said it's a daily occurrence, but the hotel does not accept them as payment.

News 4 also found Missouri and Illinois welfare cards being used to withdraw money at businesses along the Las Vegas strip. Illinois Link cards were used inside small neighborhood bars and casinos during the overnight hours.

Here are just a few examples: 

In one case a link holder withdrew 100 dollars at Dottys.

On two occasions a Link user withdrew 100 Dollars at the Inn Zone

A Missouri EBT user withdrew 180 dollars at Good Times Smoke and Chew

A customer outside Good Times Smoke and Chew said the store buys welfare cards for cash, so customers can use the money to buy prohibited items like cigarettes and alcohol. News 4 asked the owner about the allegation, it's a claim he denied.

News 4 determined during the first two months of 2011 Missouri EBT cards were used to withdraw money along Fremont Street in downtown Las Vegas. Fremont Street is an area filled with bars, restaurants and casinos.

A News 4 investigation previously revealed most of the major Las Vegas casinos block welfare cards otherwise known as EBT, but there's nothing they can do to prevent withdraws at businesses across the street.

The company that programs those ATMs tells News 4 they have rejected tens of thousands of welfare withdraws on casino floors over the past six months,Requests for an on camera interview with the Missouri Department of Social Services and the Illinois Department of Human Services about these withdrawls has been declined.




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