Black ice and snow pack, MHP says take it slow -

Black ice and snow pack, MHP says take it slow

   We're out on the streets again this morning (Monday) reporting on the latest conditions on the roadways.  Some areas are still snow-packed and ice-covered.. 

   Let me give you some advice when it comes to driving in this stuff--SLOW DOWN.

   That sounds simple (and it is) but you'd be amazed how many people just zip along on the roadways as if it were June, 76 degrees and clear rather than January, 6 degrees and snow-covered.  Is taking your foot off the accelerator going to eliminate all the accidents?  No, of course not.  There will always be mishaps and icy conditions that lead to smash-ups.  A 4-wheel drive slides just as easily on a patch of ice as a front-wheel drive vehicle.

The Missouri Highway Patrol says people get over-confident after they've been on the road for awhile.  Then their mind starts to wander and they don't concentrate on the road as they should.

   I'll tell you my approach for winter weather driving.  I drive like my grandma.  Rest her soul.  She was cautious.  She was safe.  She took it easy.  I'll get there eventually.  I may be late but I'll do my best to make sure my car doesn't end up in the auto body shop and I don't end up in the hospital.....or the morgue.

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