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Judge will allow testimony from some of Sheri Coleman's friends in murder trial

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By KMOV Web Producer By KMOV Web Producer

(KMOV)-- A major development came out of the Chris Coleman trial held Friday in Waterloo.

A judge in Monroe County decided jurors in the Coleman trial will be able to hear the words of his wife Sheri, from beyond the grave.
The ruling comes less than one month before jury selection gets underway.
Back in late December, 13 witnesses took the stand testifying to the words of Sheri regarding her husband.
One described her as a “distraught mother whose husband told her she and the kids were getting in the way of his job.”
Over the objections of defense attorneys, the order means much of this type of testimony will be allowed in Coleman’s murder trial.
Chris Coleman was in the courtroom today as his attorneys tried motion after motion to suppress evidence in the case.
The judge will make a decision on most of the motions next Friday, including one that would toss out most of the evidence collected at the house the day of the murder. Hearsay evidence admitted today, though, was a big boost for the prosecution.
The most damaging statement was perhaps that a witness testified Sheri said Chris was physically abusive, and if anything happened to her, he had done it.
Sheri and her two sons were found murdered in May of 2009 in their Columbia home.
The judge says he will not allow all of the statements—just some of them, so defense attorneys will likely challenge each of the witnesses before they take the stand. The judge will also listen to the testimony before the witnesses share it during the trial.
Jury selection begins February 14th in Perry County. The trial will start by March 1st.

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