Bold burglars hit West County homes in broad daylight -

Bold burglars hit West County homes in broad daylight

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By KMOV Web Producer By KMOV Web Producer

(KMOV) -- Police say bold burglars are breaking into West County homes in broad daylight.  Two Town & Country homes were targeted on Monday, and now police have uncovered a common connection to at least four cases.

Town & Country police are putting their heads together with neighboring departments that report the same type of break-ins.  How they get in and get away have police thinking it's one operation.

"Yeah right next door -- that's very scary," Lynne Kloster, says.

Would-be thieves pried open the back door of two Town & Country homes.  Their owners weren't there, but the sounding alarms spooked the bad guys away.

"They're not deterred with one unsuccessful attempt," Captain Gary Hoelzer, Town & Country Police Department, says.

And while it's pretty uncommon in Town & Country, police see it in spurts.

"That's how they do -- they run in series, and so we believe that the same perpetrators are out there and very active right now," Capt. Hoelzer says.

Police say burglars hopscotched through neighboring communities, hitting up houses in Des Peres, Kirkwood and Webster Groves.

"They're prying -- they're using some time of prying tool to get into the rear door," Capt. Hoelzer say.

Each -- in broad daylight when many homeowners are working.

"It's a little shocking, a little unnerving, makes you anxious thinking about could you be the next victim," Kloster says.  "It's hard to keep your peace of mind."

The burglars also broke into a home in a Des Peres neighborhood on Federal Drive.  The owner came home as the burglars were racing from her driveway.
"We're on the lookout for a black, two-door vehicle, and specifically perhaps, a Honda Accord," Capt. Hoelzer says.  "In some of the burglaries, this black vehicle has actually been observed backed into the driveway, so if you see a vehicle that you're unfamiliar with backed into your neighbor's driveway, call your local police department immediately."

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