IDOT crews hitting the road ahead of the snow -

IDOT crews hitting the road ahead of the snow

IDOT hopes this nice clean picture of I-55/70 near Collinsville is close to what you'll see Tuesday morning.

Crews are out now (Monday morning) pretreating the roads in anticipation of three to six inches of snow.

IDOT Operations Engineer Joe Monroe told me there's not a huge difference in preparing for this snow storm compared to other ones we've already had. 

"We're in very good shape with salt, we're in pretty good shape with our equipment.  We'll try to get some last-minute things put together and hooked up just in case," said Monroe.

Monroe says one of their forecasting models has winds on the back end of the storm gusting up to 25 to 30 miles per hour.  He says that wind combined with all the snow could cause problems specifically in rural areas.

"You can go long stretches where you have really clear pavement and all of a sudden the way the topography is set up you have snow starting to collect on the pavement so it presents a little challenge for the motorist."

As always, "don't crowd the plow."

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