Controversial Charlack speed cameras on I-170 coming down -

Controversial Charlack speed cameras on I-170 coming down

(KMOV) – The controversial speed cameras on Interstate 170 are coming down Monday morning. 

The city of Charlack has had them on an overpass over the I-170 for several months. Now, the city says it is taking the cameras down because they have worked so well.


“We’ve seen a 90 percent decrease in excessive speeding, so the need is not there anymore,” says Charlack Mayor Jim Beekman.

I think they're good in a way because it makes people slow down and I have noticed people slow down,” says driver Terry Golden.


Charlack issued more than 2,000 tickets to drivers since the cameras were installed. Those tickets generates about $15,000 in revenues for Charlack in just six months.

I think that they're actually doing it for the money themselves,” says golden.

Mayor Beekman disagrees.

“If we had a patrol car down there right now we'd probably see more revenue than [if] we had the speed cameras up because the idea was out there, the signs were out there, the media has been out there and the whole highway has slowed down,” Beekman says.

He says even other municipalities along I-170 called him to complain about traffic tickets dropping revenue.

The city says if speeding goes back up, it might consider replacing the cameras.

Earlier this week, Washington, Missouri announced that it would be removing its red light cameras.

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