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$70 Million coming to Danforth Plant Science Research Center

One of the world's leading plant science research centers right here in St. Louis just got an impressive boost.

The Danforth Foundation made it's final major grant to the Donald Danforth Plant Science Center.... $70-million.

The foundation will dissolve at the end of May and is giving most of its remaining funds to keep St. Louis on the cutting edge of plant science research.

"We shouldn't be satisfiend with anything less than being great, being a leader in plant science.  That's what we're becoming," John C. Danforth, the foundation chairman told a couple hundred gets at the Plant Science Center. 

The massive gift will be used toward the first phase orf a three-part expansion of the center's scientific staff and facilities.

"It's going to create jobs," said Danforth.  "It's going to create weath in St. Louis.  But beyond that, think of the great world needs that will be served by this center."

The major mission of the non-profit Danforth Plant Science Center is to conduct research that leads to helping feed the hungry throughout the world.

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