Seriously, who does Tiger Woods think he is? -

Seriously, who does Tiger Woods think he is?

My frustration level is off the charts with Tiger's scheduled TV speech today.  It's NOT a news conference even if some are calling it that.

News conferences involve reporters asking questions but Tiger Woods is not allowing that to happen.  In essense he's getting free time on network TV to say whatever he wants.  Who besides the President gets or deserves such a priviledge?   I can think of no one.

Tiger should have to purchase air time for what amounts to a commercial advertising his new personna in his effort to repair his image before he hits the PGA tour again.

Remember how after his "car crash" in front of his home last year he wouldn't let police in his home to interview him about it?  Turns out that was fine with the cops.  Unreal.

Now the TV networks are bowing to his demands... even breaking into programming to let Tiger say whatever he wants unchallenged.  It's sickening.

Some argue his infidelity isn't a news story anyway.  They make a good point.  It's tabloid TV at best.  But it's what "everyone" is allegedly talking about so we in the media have to put it out there.

I applaud the Golf Writers Association.  I heard they were invited by Woods' agent to be at Woods' televised speech today and they declined.  Evidently they don't believe there's any news to get out of it if they can't ask a question so they're not sending anyone.

I wish ALL media had the guts to respond that way.  Then Tiger Woods WOULD have to buy advertising time for his "commercial."


Mark Schnyder is a reporter at News 4. He can be contacted at 

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