Defense: No rule against driving 126 MPH -

Defense: No rule against driving 126 MPH

There were three major developments in the case involving a ISP trooper charged with killing two sisters.  Jessica and Kelly Uhl died in 2007 after Trooper Matt Mitchell slammed his squad car into their car on Interstate 64.  The trail into their death is set to start next month, but if a St. Clair County judge approves a motion to continue the case, the date could be pushed back.  Along with a motion to continue, the defense also filed a motion to dismiss the case.  Mitchell's attorney says that since there is not law against how quickly troopers can drive when responding to an accident he should not be held responsible for their deaths.

The judge overseeing the case could decide as soon as tomorrow morning if the trail date will be pushed back.  We should also find out the date of the case dismissal hearing in the morning as well.



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