Viewer notified us of damage to car -

Viewer notified us of damage to car

This afternoon, a viewer (or at least I presume he is at least an occasional viewer) e-mailed our newsroom this tip. He wrote that chunks of concrete fell from 64/40 and onto a car below.

The car was parked in an S&H lot, right off of 11th street, in downtown St. Louis.  (Near the ballpark).

When we drove to the scene to check out the tip, we found a 2006 Toyota Avalon parked along the southern edge of the lot. There were two large holes in the windshield, the sunroof glass was shattered, and the roof was partly caving in.

The Missouri Department of Transportation sent a crew out to inspect the damage and determined that the concrete fell from the edge of the barriers on 64/40. The sections that fell are part of strips that help funnel water away from the bridge.

When I was on the scene, a couple of other chunks fell. One of the chunks fell as I taped an updated report and we caught the fall - on camera.

After that, a MoDOT engineer told us he would have the area sectioned off to prevent a piece of concrete from falling and injuring a person.

MoDOT told me that crews would have to chip away the loose sections of concrete and apply a sealant.

MoDOT says the bridge, however, is structurally sound and safe to drive on.

I spoke to the damaged vehicle's owner who told me that she is attempting to reach someone in either customer service or risk management at MoDOT. She says she hopes MoDOT will, "do the right thing."

She says she parked her car in that space before her shift began at 9:30 a.m.  She works downtown.

For now, her car is still parked under the bridge because her insurance adjuster wants to take a look at it tomorrow.

She told me that she'd let me know if and when she heard any news from MoDOT.  I'll be sure to pass it along to you.

Diana Zoga is a general assignment reporter at News4.  You can reach her at


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