Gas leak along Kingshighway has commuters worried -

Gas leak along Kingshighway has commuters worried

(KMOV) -- A natural gas leak along Kingshighway in south St. Louis has some commuters worried.

Somewhere underground, a gas pipe is broken, causing the scent to permeate the air.

The stench of natural gas might be unpleasant, but the St. Louis Fire Department said the leak is not dangerous to the public. The Laclede Gas Company calls this a controlled leak because there are holes bored into the pavement to help the gas ventilate.

The fire department said they can typically have one or two of these controlled leaks going on at one time. These gas leaks can be so common in residential areas that the gas can leak through soil in yards.

According to Laclede, the broken pipe is scheduled to be fixed this spring.



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