Angry Wildwood employees finally receive paychecks -

Angry Wildwood employees finally receive paychecks

 (KMOV) -- A local residential care facility is in more trouble after being shut down on Monday for having no running water. On Monday, employees of Whispering Oaks in Wildwood complained that the owner was refusing to pay them. By Wednesday, the owner of the facility turned some of the paychecks to News 4 for distribution.

Naren Chaganti, owner, said that technical difficulties prevented the checks from being released earlier. "My computer got stolen, so I had to restore the software and print everything," said Chaganti. "What do you say to all these people who said 'Naren isn't going to pay us. He's cheating us out of money."

Charelle Blank is one employee who received a check today. Blank said Whispering Oaks still owes her another check, but for now she's satisfied with having some of her money.

News 4 placed two other checks in the mail.




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