Not all burglaries are created equally -

Not all burglaries are created equally

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Take a look around your house and imagine the things that a burglar might want to take. Burglars usually stick to their standard list of items to steal, unless you live in a rural area. Flatscreen televisions are high on the list of items taken, along with jewelry. If the crooks are teenagers they'll clean out all the videogame equipment, including games and dvd movies too.

But if you live in a rural area, be prepared to come home to an empty house. Burglars cleaned out a house in Festus during a break-in in mid-February. The police report taken by the Jefferson County Sheriff's Department lists these items taken: Maytag electric stove, washing machine, electric dryer, 19' flatscreen television and the family's dining room table. That's much different than your typical break-in.

It would take awhile to clean out the major appliances from a house and the crooks aren't going to be carrying sway their loot under the arms. But, since homes are often spread farther apart in rural areas, neighbors are less likely to see the criminal at work. Knowing this, burglars are willing to spend more time at a home in a rural area and often take much larger items than in most break-ins.

In the case of the Festus break-in, a neighbor saw a full-sized pickup with a trailer leave the house with items on the trailer but didn't call police. Sometimes a nosey neighbor who call the cops is as strong a defense against burglars as an expensive alarm system.

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