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Local middle-schooler uses Haitian roots to inspire campus

 12-year old John Joseph has only been to Haiti one time... when he was one year old.  His mother is from there and he says he had lots of family there.

He says some cousins died in the quake, some survived and some are still unaccounted for.

Some students at his school wanted the campus to do something for Haiti relief... then John spoke up and said he's family's from there.  That sent efforts into overdrive this week.  All week Frontier Middle School is raising money for the Red Cross earthquake relief effort.

Today kids paid a dollar or more for the right to violate the dress code and wear a hat.  Tomorrow a donation gets them the chance to wear pajama bottoms.

Classrooms are displaying the Haitian flag, the lunchroom will have Haitian steel drum music playing one day this week and teachers are making the disaster a teachable moment whenever they can.

Today John Joseph, a quiet 7th grader, courageaously spoke to the entire student body via the louds peaker in the main office about the situation in Haiti and thanking them for their concern and continue support.

He's not the big man on campus yet, but everyone's starting to know is name and his story.

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