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Fenton Chrysler plant to receive $1.6 million grant to help reopen

(KMOV)-- A million dollars is on the way to help reopen the old Chrysler plant in Fenton.

The nation's car czar will be in town on Thursday to award the plant a $1.6 million grant.

The money will be used to find possible uses for the empty plant.
Ed Montgomery has more than 25 years of experience working on local economic development. Montgomery has paid visits to states where the automotive industry has been hit hard. In the past year he has visited states such as Michigan, Ohio, and Indiana just to name a few.
Once there Montgomery helps those states with retraining displaced auto workers. He helps areas to develop long term revitalization plans. He also ensures that states are taking advantage of federal funding to improve communities after the plants close. 
The 5 million square foot Chrysler plant has been for sale since the plant closed last year.
The $1.6 million grant that Montgomery will announce will go toward a study that will better explain how the plant can be reused to potential buyers.

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