Nation's car czar coming to St. Louis -

Nation's car czar coming to St. Louis

The car czar is coming! The car czar is coming! So what does that mean? It depends on how you view President Obama's car czar Ed Montgomery. Montgomery has 25 years of experience working on local economic development. He has toured cities that have been hit hard by the automotive industry. He's been to Michigan, Ohio, and Indiana just to name a few. Once there he helps local governments find ways to retrain displaced auto workers, develop long term revitalization plans, and ensure governments are taking advantage of federal funding.  The purpose of his visit in Fenton this Thursday is to announce a 1.6 million dollar grant that will be used to study the reuse of the plant for potential buyers. News 4 will be following Thursday's developments to see how the 1.6 million dollar plan will help sell the Chrysler Fenton plant.

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